Welcome to Emanuel Lutheran Church!

Our Worship schedule:

Church FrontSunday:

9:30 AM: Holy Communion in the Nave


7:00 PM: Holy Communion in the Chapel

Sunday School classes for preschool through grade 6 are held during the school year in conjunction with the 9:30 service.

Confirmation classes for grade 7 and up are held during the school year on Monday evenings


Christ is risen! He has risen indeed!


Confirmation students should complete remaining lessons in book before the next class.


When you are questioning if services will be impacted by bad weather conditions, check our Facebook page for cancellations.  Most importantly, consider your own safety. 

 Please remember the following people in your prayers:

Betty, Billie, Bob, Brandon, Butch, Candido, Cindy, Crystal, Cynthia, Frank, Heidi, Helen, Helena, Jack, Janice, Jon, John, Joseph, Kadie, Lisa, Lucy, Olivia, Patsy, Peg, Robert, Sarah, Susan, Terry.



Pastor’s Corner – Read recent Sunday sermons from Pastor Connery.

Ask the Pastor – Contact Pastor Connery with feedback  or questions.

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