Welcome to Emanuel Lutheran Church!

Worship service is Sunday at 9:30 AM with Holy Communion in the Nave

Sunday School classes for preschool through grade 6 – Contact us for details. You can also ask that weekly lessons be emailed to you.

Confirmation classes for grade 7 and up are held during the school year in conjunction with local churches on select Thursday evenings. Contact us for details.

Worship services at the church have COVID-19 Protocols in place. 

For those who still feel “safer-at-home”, we will continue to stream our Sunday 9:30 worship service live on Facebook. 

You can also get inspirational messages and updates on our Facebook page as information becomes available.


Emanuel’s Closet 

Open Saturdays 9 AM – 2 PM


Please remember in your prayers:

Amanda, Judy S., Patsy D., Peter R., John D., Gary J., Debbie P., Nancy H., Cindy C., Norma H., Marina, Betty P., Cynthia, Ruth L., Scott, Esther, Caitlin Q., Donna G., Mary W., Henry S., Robert S., Lynne H., Jim, Kayden, Kahlil, Bob S., Roberta, Judy J., Bob P., Tina D., Nancy D. and her family, Robin, Louise L., Deb L., Buzzy, Ben, Helen P., Helena M., Josh S., Olivia S., Betty S., Sarah S., Dominic S., Gianna S., Harrison, Charlie S., Trisha A., Carlyn S., Lisa R., Helen K., Judy J., Fay H., Carolyn B., Bob P., Damien C., Amanda P., Gail S., John, Levy, Paul M., B.J., Marilyn M., Sarah K. Susan M., Stephanie S., Michael S., Phyllis, Kris C., Walter D., Billy D., Lorena, Patrick, Eli, Eddie, Patrice, Melanie, Linda L. and her mother, Cindy A., Earl B., Ali L., Tek, Dominic S., Jacob B., Barbara, and especially for those who feel they have no one to pray for them…


 125th Anniversary of Emanuel Lutheran Church – Watch for celebratory events throughout the coming year!

December 14 – 6:30 Ministry Meeting

December 207:00 Council Meeting  

December 24 – 6 PM Christmas Eve worship service

Pastor’s Corner – Read recent Sunday sermons by Licensed Lay Minister Tom Houston.  (All sermons posted prior to 7/1/2019 were preached by Pastor Gloria Connery; all sermons posted 7/1/2019 forward were preached by Licensed Lay Minister Tom Houston.)  Any Sunday for which no sermon is posted indicates we had a guest preacher that morning.

Ask the Pastor – Contact Minister Tom with feedback or questions.

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